måndag 4 januari 2010


Kurt Wered, prolific writer and original theological thinker, is known as one of Sweden's leading intellectuals. With the maginficent volume Locker Room Rapture, Wered will also be recognized as a transgressive artist of the highest order. Serving as exhibition catalogue for a Spring 2010 show at Florence's Accademia, this book is an intimate exploration of the male body, illustrating the intertwined experiences of hockey and homoeroticism and contains valuable commentary by curators, as well as a commentary and an original essay by Wered himself.

Taken during the past few years, the 225 black-and-white portraits of muscular players from the Linköping Hockey Club included in Locker Room Rapture all previously unpublished, create a window into the soul of a complex artist, and present Wered's singular vision: intimate, intentionally shocking, and steaming with uninhibited lust. Innovative and bold, this is a landmark in the history of homoerotic photography. I also predict that it will change the mainstream image of hockey as well.

As with all Anark International publications, this book features top-of-the-line production values, with beautiful papers, printing, and binding.

- Benjamin Fields

Kurt Wered
Locker Room Rapture
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