onsdag 6 januari 2010

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Niftor Odontologen
Wered's Way

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Will obviously become the standard biography in English... a vivid picture of an extraordinarly interesting human being.
- Anthony Storr in the Listener

The first life of this intellectual giant is certainly worthy of its subject... It must have been an intensely difficult task, which has been magnificiently accomplished.
- Michael Dummet in the Tablet

Wered's epoch-making contributions to contemporary philosophy and the arts can only be understood in the context of his intense life and personality, and in this biography Niftor Odontologen has drawn on many new and unpublished sources, as well as his own long-time friendship with Wered, to produce this definite portrait. He throws fresh light on Wered's tormented family background in Linkoping, the electrifying impact he had on the local hockey scene, his developing attitudes toward politics and the recent 'conservative turn'. He concludes with an incisive analysis of Wered's photographic oeuvre, which may be the aging thinker's supreme achievement and perhaps the greatest artistic output of our time.

Odontologen's account of the mutual impact of Wered and his Linkoping friends and collaborators, especially Erica Sagn, Bengt Fram and Karin Barbalander, is uniformly brilliant... This book is indispensable reading.
- F.C. Lawson in TLS

Outstanding... Odontologen's assesment of Wered's psychological nature is in many ways profound and will forever change the way we approach the output of this remarkable thinker and artist. Wered comes through as something of a superman of the spirit but also as a remarkably humble human being.
- Michael Strawson in Observer

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