söndag 11 april 2010


Signaturen James Hogg har haft vänligheten att skicka oss ett litet raffinerat mästerstycke med titeln Curt Weird Ode:

In no mean abode on a quiet road
in the see of Bishop Brask
lives an Ostrogoth with a fervent wrath
who has set himself a task:
to maintain a blog as a catalogue
of our waning culture’s ills,
with astute critique of an age made weak
by the market’s shallow thrills.

His lampoons can hurt, his address is curt,
and he comes across as weird;
he’s a culture-snob who contemns the mob
(and he sometimes wears a beard).
To escape the plebs on the world wide web
he takes solitary strolls,
or, behind the float, plies his fishing boat
as the gentle Roxen rolls.

As this misanthrope sticks his endoscope
up society’s rear end,
he can diagnose all our modern woes,
every detrimental trend.
With his selfless toil, burning midnight oil,
never seeking recompense,
this idealist-cum-misogynist
builds his fanum Lincopense.

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