lördag 21 mars 2009

Fragmentets estetik

Under denna rubrik kommer jag i fortsättningen att publicera kommentarer och noter till En diplomingenjörs memoarer.

...[T]he notebook, fragment, random jotting. Not without purpose, not just anything, but the result of desire & impetus. Out here on the balcony with the dahlias having weathered wind, thunder, lightning, (they didn’t flinch), drinking rain in all night overnight, both pots growing from toddlers to adolescents in half a day. Keeping me company in lieu of any mail today. As they weathered the storm I thought about the thesis, the aesthetics of the fragment. It has a lot to do with our innate refusal to see any object in some way other than inherently whole, at the same time cultivating a fondness for that which is missing, that which is consubstantial to the ruin.

- Robert Gibbons

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