tisdag 21 april 2009

Personregister, valfrändskaper (1)

Under denna rubrik kommer jag då och då att presentera omistliga följeslagare - andar med vilka jag upprättat något slags personlig affinitet.

Först ut är den i dag tragiskt misskände Otto Weininger, vars tankar om kön och karaktär ansluter till diskussionen om kultur, hockey och homoerotik.

In such a being as the absolute female there are no logical and ethical phenomena, and, therefore, the ground for the assumption of a soul is absent.
Since the soul of man is the microcosm, and great men are those who live entirely in and through their souls, the whole universe thus having its being in them, the female must be described as absolutely without the quality of genius. . . . There is no female genius, and there never has been one . . . and there never can be one. Those who are in favour of laxity in these matters, and are anxious to extend and enlarge the idea of genius in order to make it possible to include women, would simply by such action destroy the concept of genius. . . . How could a soulless being possess genius? The possession of genius is identical with profundity; and if any one were to try to combine woman and profundity as subject and predicate, he would be contradicted on all sides. A female genius is a contradiction in terms, for genius is simply intensified, perfectly developed, universally conscious maleness. . . .

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